Dustin Bleizeffer

Dustin Bleizeffer

Communications Director



Dustin grew up in Gillette and worked in the energy service industry before earning his journalism degree at the University of Wyoming. He cut his teeth as a reporter at the Gillette News-Record and worked 10 years as energy reporter at the Casper Star-Tribune. His reporting was integral to reformations of the state’s split-estate mineral ownership laws, and he helped shine a light on the pitfalls of poorly managed energy development. He became editor-in-chief of WyoFile in 2010 and helped grow the fledgling organization into Wyoming’s premier in-depth, nonprofit news organization. Dustin spent 2016 and 2017 at Stanford University as a John S. Knight Journalism fellow, where his work inspired a project to build interdisciplinary teams of science, technology, and journalism experts who engage with and respond to communities of the rural American West as they take on local challenges. He lives in Casper with his wife, Kristy.

My Recent News

WOC is Working for Clean Water

October 16, 2018

Right now, we have an opportunity to weigh in on a comprehensive review of Wyoming’s water quality standards, and to urge the Department of Environmental Quality to adopt the most protective standards available to protect water-based recreation, human health, and aquatic life.

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Member Profile: Katie Hogarty & Bryon Lee

September 13, 2018

Time outside is important to Wyoming Outdoor Council members Katie Hogarty and Bryon Lee — whether it’s just sitting (without a cell phone) at Sweetwater Rocks and taking in the […]

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Wyoming must stand up to feds to save mule deer

September 11, 2018

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s reckless oil and gas leasing actions may be the death warrant for a prized mule deer herd that relies on the renowned 150-mile Red Desert to Hoback migration corridor in western Wyoming — the longest big game migration measured in North America.

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Energy Dominance: Wyoming is ground zero for ‘energy dominance’ mandate

September 6, 2018

A new “energy dominance” policy has made Wyoming ground zero for the Trump administration’s anti-regulatory, top-down mandate to promote energy extraction over all other uses on our public lands. And it’s affecting every aspect of the Wyoming Outdoor Council’s work.

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