Protecting Wyoming’s environment and quality of life

Founded in 1967, the Wyoming Outdoor Council has been working to protect public lands, wildlife, and clean air and water for more than 50 years.

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Our Work


Keeping public lands in public hands, protecting wild, open spaces, and advocating responsible energy development.


Sustaining the health and vitality of big game migration corridors, Greater sage-grouse habitat, and trout streams.


Advocating responsible policies to keep people healthy and our air clean.



Safeguarding drinking water and the quality of our recreational streams.



What They Have to Give

what they have to give The Wyoming Outdoor Council’s mission is to protect Wyoming’s environment and quality of life now and for future generations. I’ll admit that sometimes those two words, “future generations,” feel far off to me. They refer to my newly-born niece,...

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A Message from the Director

Advocating for conservation in Wyoming is demanding work, both for the Wyoming Outdoor Council’s staff and for passionate members like you. Not only are there more issues than we can possibly address as a small organization in a geographically large state, but for...

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Beneath the Surface

BENEATH THE SURFACE The quiet work of watchdogging Wyoming’s water Like the rest of the landscape, water in Wyoming is dramatic. Rivers carve through canyons, geysers erupt from below ground, reservoirs emerge from arid shrublands, and idyllic trout streams meander...

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