Protecting Wyoming’s environment and quality of life

Founded in 1967, the Wyoming Outdoor Council has been working to protect public lands, wildlife, and clean air and water for 52 years.

Help us protect North America’s longest mule deer migration corridor

Over the past year, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has been offering leases for oil and gas drilling inside of critical and sensitive big game migration corridors, including the famous 150-mile Red Desert to Hoback mule deer migration route. We need your help to make sure this lifeline and important habitat for mule deer and dozens of other iconic Wyoming species is protected.

2018 Annual Report

After over 50 years, the Wyoming Outdoor Council is here for the long haul. We hope you are, too. With your support and engagement bolstering our staff’s skills and experience, we are confident that we can keep Wyoming a place where people want to live and visit — now and for generations to come.


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Our Work

Public Lands

Keeping public lands in public hands, protecting wild, open spaces, and advocating responsible energy development.

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Sustaining big game migration corridors, sage-grouse habitat and trout streams.

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Clean Air

Advocating responsible policies to keep people healthy and our air clean.

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Clean Water

Safeguarding drinking water and the quality of our recreational streams.

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Wyoming poised to safeguard big game migrations

Southwest Wyoming and the northern Red Desert are known for iconic geologic features and breathtaking landscapes that look much the same today as they did millennia ago: Adobe Town, the Killpecker Sand Dunes, Boars Tusk, White Mountain.

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Nuclear waste storage: STILL wrong for Wyoming

The idea of storing high-level radioactive waste in Wyoming has been fully vetted and roundly rejected several times over the years. Yet the Wyoming Legislature resurrected this bad idea last month when it formed a subcommittee — behind closed doors — to study the issue. The Wyoming Outdoor Council, our members, and our partners have stood together with neighbors from all over the state and across the political spectrum to oppose such proposals. And we will do so again.

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