State Legislature

State Legislature

The Wyoming Legislature’s 2023 general session runs from Jan. 10 to March 3, and lawmakers will confront a lot of new faces (including 29 new representatives and five new senators), a $913 million budget surplus, and perhaps as many as 700 individual bills. During this 40-day sprint, legislators will craft, debate, and pass legislation that can impact Wyoming’s communities, economy, environment, and quality of life for years or generations to come.

You can read our preview of the session here to learn more about how the Outdoor Council will be engaged in Cheyenne, as well as how you can get involved and make your voice heard at the Capitol. The bill tracker below will be updated weekly to show you what bills we’re actively lobbying for or against, as well as bills we’re watching but have not yet taken a stance on.

2023 Bill Tracker


HB0003 State assessment of independent power producers

HB0048 Active transportation and recreation grant programfailed in committee on Jan. 12

HB0074 Outdoor recreation trust fund

HB0147 Unlawful trespass signage-taking of wildlife

HB0193 Carbon capture energy standards-repeal

SF0028 Livestock infectious disease control-tribal inclusion

SF0029 Brucellosis management updates

SF0031 Adjacent land resource data trespass-repeal

SF0058 Sutton archaeological site administration

SF0087 Natural resource funding – large project threshold increase

SF0106 2023 Large Project Funding


HB0069 Coal-fired facility closures litigation funding-amendments

HB0126 Trespass – removal of trespasser

HB0163 Mineral royalties-proportional severance tax refunds

SF0092 Small customer electrical generation

SF0142 Carbon Capture and Sequestration

SJ0004 Phasing out new electric vehicle sales by 2035failed in committee on Jan. 16


HB0016 State land leasing-improvements

HB0020 Land exchanges-priority

HB0021 State lands-use of land qualification requirements

HB0022 State land lease deficiencies-cure process

HB0060 Colorado river authority

HB0061 Source material associated with mining-agreement

HB0083 Tribal agreements to hunt and fish

HB0084 Regulation of commercially guided boats

HB0093 Omnibus Water Bill – Construction

HB0106 Eminent domain-wind energy collector systems

HB0114 Leasing and sale of state lands-amendments

HB0123 Collection of antler or horns by residents and nonresidents

HB0124 Electricity generation-taxation

HB0133 Electrical installation by licensed electricians

HB0178 State land parcels-event hosting

HB0190 Wyoming value added energy and industrial plan

HB0196 Wyoming infrastructure protection act

HB0210 Financial institution discrimination

HB0213 Energy production inventory exemption

HB0217 Trophy game animal-change to large carnivore game animal

HB0242 Consumer merchandise-packaging regulation prohibitions

HB0255 Game and fish-partners

HB0257 Mine permit and reclamation plan changes-landowner approval

HB0275 Highway maintenance equity-electric vehicle metering.

HB0282 Critical infrastructure resiliency

HB0288 Electrical generation tax and rebate program

SF0033 Defining aircraft for purposes of hunting prohibitions

SF0034 Trespass by small unmanned aircraft

SF0056 Prohibiting travel across private land for hunting purposes

SF0060 Nonresident hunting license application feesfailed in Senate on Jan. 12

SF0105 Utilities-point of consumption and allocation agreements

SF0107 Acquisition, exchange and sale of trust lands

SF0128 Transfer of state lands-exchange

SF0140 Building code requirements-refrigerants

SF0154 Energy authority project financing-refineries

SF0156 Oil and gas forced pooling-good faith negotiations

SF0157 Weed and pest mitigation-tribal inclusion-2

SF0159 Stop ESG-Eliminate economic boycott act

SF0170 Specifying additional beneficial uses of water

SF0172 Stop ESG-State funds fiduciary duty act

SF0180 Corner crossing-trespass exception

SJ0001 Act Of Admissions Amendment Resolution


After each session, we publish our Conservation Vote Report, where you can see how your legislators voted on conservation issues and find analysis of the year’s most significant bills.

Here’s a look at the past few years’ reports so you can compare legislative issues and your representative’s votes, year over year.


As in year’s past, whether in person or virtually, the Wyoming Outdoor Council will be here to make sure you have a voice for conservation at the Capitol. Since our founding, we’ve advocated and defended a range of conservation issues at the legislature that matter to Wyomingites, families, and communities, and that protect the Wyoming we love. Read our citizen’s guide below for more tips, tricks and resources for staying engaged during the session, the interim, or anytime in between.