Kristen Gunther

Kristen Gunther

Conservation Advocate


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Kristen Gunther grew up with a passion for public lands, beginning with the state park and waterways that surrounded her family’s home in Harford County, Maryland. After she finished her undergraduate study at Bowdoin College in Maine (with one detour to Tanzania), she moved to Wyoming as an AmeriCorps volunteer and fell in love with the state’s wild places. She completed an MFA in creative writing at the University of Wyoming in 2012, followed by a PhD in UW’s Program in Ecology in 2017. Her doctoral research focused on improving science communication for ecosystem managers who apply technical concepts on the ground. In 2017, she became the March for Science’s director of strategy. At MFS, she worked to unite hundreds of partner organizations and more than a million marchers worldwide under one nonpartisan mission as well as to create tools for local activists, develop a permanent network structure and strategy, and mobilize supporters. Kristen lives in Lander with her husband, Rusty, and their melodramatic bird dog, Gus.

My Recent News

The 2021 Wyoming Conservation Vote Report

July 1, 2021

In this year’s general session the Wyoming Legislature considered more than 440 bills, and the Wyoming Outdoor Council tracked more than 50.

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Upcoming public meetings on chronic wasting disease in southeast Wyoming

June 8, 2021

Since the first chronic wasting disease cases were identified in Wyoming in the mid-1980s, herds in the southeast portion of the state have borne the brunt of this always-fatal disease.

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Plug in to the People’s House

February 8, 2021

Each winter, members of the Wyoming Legislature gather in Cheyenne. The halls and side rooms of the (now newly-remodeled) Capitol buzz with conversations between legislators, lobbyists, staff, citizens, and journalists. […]

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