The 2024 Conservation Vote Report is here!

It’s here — the 2024 Conservation Vote Report!

Each year, following the state legislative session, the Wyoming Outdoor Council publishes a report describing conservation-related legislation, as well as how state legislators voted on key conservation bills. In this report, we also share broader themes that emerged to provide insight into the general tone of the session from a conservation perspective.

The Outdoor Council supports accountable and transparent governance as an important part of protecting Wyoming’s environment and quality of life. We believe that informed and engaged citizens matter and that conservation is not a partisan issue — it is a unifying Wyoming value. That’s why we’re committed to providing educational materials like this vote report to help you, the citizens of this ecologically and culturally diverse state, engage in the legislative process throughout the year.

This past session, we tracked 74 bills related to issues such as wildlife, energy, clean air and water, state revenue, carbon capture and sequestration, state lands, public land access, recreation, and economic diversification. We testified before committees, sent notes to the floor, and worked with diverse partners to support, oppose, or modify these bills.

While the 2024 Budget Session is behind us, legislative committees are already meeting around the state to draft bills for the 2025 General Session. Reflecting on the last session can help us celebrate successes, anticipate what may be coming, and reach out to legislators about important issues outside of session, when they are most available.

Building proactive relationships and having ongoing conversations with those who have been elected to represent you is the best way to realize our shared mission and goals. As such, we encourage you to reach out to your legislators, learn more about the specifics of their votes, and share what is important to you.

Your voice and your vote matter. We hope that you will exercise both of them this year.



Government Affairs Manager