Our annual calendar contest is one of our staff’s favorite creative projects because it opens a window for us to see Wyoming through the eyes of our members, supporters, and fellow Wyomingites — the people who share the values we advocate for day in and day out.

Every year for ten years, we’ve remained humbled by your interest and participation in the contest. Because of your engagement, we’re able to produce a calendar filled with a diversity of perspectives that capture our state’s big, wild backyard. We’re grateful for your willingness to share these treasured views and momentous scenes with us — from glimpses of one of the last remaining glaciers in the Wind River Range, to nights spent under star-studded skies, to horsepacking trips through the remote wilds of the Thorofare, to the abundance of wildlife that cross our paths. 

If you’re a Wyoming Outdoor Council member, watch your mailbox for the calendar next month. If you’re not, you can still join us! In addition to ensuring you’ll get a calendar in the mail, you’ll also receive the most up-to-date information on our work as we strive to protect what you see in the calendar pages.  

And remember, it’s never too early to start preparing for next year’s contest. We’re always looking for shots that capture the quiet beauty of winter, your family’s spontaneous outdoor adventures, and the everyday, real Wyoming that’s just outside your door.

Sign up for our emails to be the first to know when we begin the search for 2021, and keep your camera close!


Kyle Aiton
Kinley Bollinger
Ken Bryan
Jon Burkholz
Scott Copeland
Cheryl Elliott
Mack Frost
Karinthia Harrison
Beth Holmes
Stacey Jarrett
Rob Joyce
Terry Lane
Sean McKinley
Shane Morrison
Sherry Pincus
Raymond Salani
Ed Sherline
Bill Sincavage
Kyle Spradley
Christopher Thomas
Brandon Ward



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