Given the results of the recent local and national elections, we need to hear from you this holiday season as we set our course for 2017.

Here’s how you can take action today:

(1) Respond to our quick, three-question survey here. Your ideas matter. Please take a couple minutes to tell us what you think.

(2) Click here to give to the Wyoming Outdoor Council. President-elect Donald Trump promised during his presidential campaign to dismantle critical environmental protections. If he follows through on even some of his campaign promises, we’ll be facing an uphill battle for the next few years.

There’s a lot we just don’t know yet, but that’s nothing new. We’ve seen many legislators and presidential administrations come and go in the past 50 years—and even in the most precarious times we’ve won for Wyoming. We’re conservation’s home team in Wyoming and that’s an advantage that could make all the difference in the coming years. Regardless of how the winds are blowing in Washington or Cheyenne, the Wyoming Outdoor Council will remain steadfast, energetic, and up to any challenge.

Help us set our course for 2017!

Thank you,

Gary Wilmot, Executive Director

Gary Wilmot



Associate Director