My Wyoming: Winners of the 2015 Calendar Photo Contest!

Here are the winning photographers in alphabetical order:

Phillip Angerhofer—photo across the bottom of February, Homestead near Jireh

Rich Brame (3 images chosen)—inside cover, May inset, and August inset. (Images: (1) Trail bridge in the Winds, (2) Grayling w/ fly rod, and (3) Llama packing in the Winds)

Stacey L. Cannon (2 images chosen)—featured image for April and featured image for September. (Images: (1) Buffalo Bill Lake and (2) Heart Mountain relocation camp)

Scott Copeland (8 images chosen)—January inset, April inset, featured image for June, July inset, featured image for August, featured image and inset for November, December inset. (Images: (1) Muskrat, Flat Creek, (2) Northern Flicker on Aspen, Oxbow Bend, (3) Warbling Vireo Nest, Death Canyon, (4) Hiking in the Winds, (5) Temple Peak reflection, (6) Otters feasting, Oxbow Bend, (7) Otters catching dinner, and (8) Skiing on the Lander Front.)

Rob Fischer—back cover image, Sweetwater County rodeo.

Addie Heintz (2 images chosen)—June large inset, October large inset. (Images: (1) Mule Deer in the Bighorns, and (2) Fishing on the Little Bighorn).

Donna Johnson—September large inset, Yellow-headed blackbird.

Kathy Lichtendahl (4 images chosen)—featured image for January, featured image for March, featured image for July, and featured image for December. (Images: (1) Bald eagle in flight, Absaroka/Beartooth Front, (2) T Lake, Beartooth Mountains, (3) Ghost trees, Absarokas, and (4) Pilot Peak, Absaroka Range)

Albert Lipsey—featured image for October, Moose battle in the Gros Ventre.

Eric Perez—featured image for May, Fishing the Powder River.

Ron Salyer—featured image for February, Bison in the mist, West Thumb.

Dave Showalter—March large inset, Pronghorn in the snow.

Nena Trapp—cover image, Tetons framed.

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4 comments on “My Wyoming: Winners of the 2015 Calendar Photo Contest!
  1. Raymond Salani III says:

    When are you taking entries for 2016 Calendar? What are the rules for entry?

    • Wyoming Outdoor Council says:

      Thanks for the question, Raymond. We’ll be announcing the next photo contest sometime in mid January.

  2. Mindy Clancy says:

    I can’t seem to find the 2016 contest and rules. Has it been posted? Thank you!

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