The Casper Star-Tribune editorial board has made a strong argument for why Wyoming should require baseline water testing prior to drilling.

Here is an excerpt:

Baseline testing would’ve gone a long way to avoiding the mess still underway in Pavillion, as several federal agencies have struggled to prove or disprove that nearby gas drilling harmed residents’ well water. It would’ve avoided the mess of the resignation of Tom Doll as state oil and gas supervisor, after he said those concerned about water contamination in the area were motivated by greed.

If Mead decides to require baseline tests, he would cement Wyoming’s position as role model for other states considering such regulation. While Colorado beat Wyoming to the punch on baseline testing, Wyoming should reclaim the crown. Wyoming shouldn’t miss a chance to prove other states should look to us for common-sense regulations of the oil and gas industry.

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The case for baseline water testing

For more information on the case for baseline testing, click here or on the image to the right to read the Spring 2012 Frontline.



“We believe that when legislators, regulators, and decision makers have had a chance to consider the facts and to hear the arguments for and against required baseline water testing in Wyoming, they’ll conclude, as we have, that it makes sense,” said Steve Jones, the Council’s watershed protection program attorney. “It’s a matter of public health and public trust and it’s the best path forward.”




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