Wild & Scenic Film Festival, June 21 in June 22, Lander


Here is the List of Films for Thursday, June 21 and Friday June 22


Thursday Films

1. Bhutan: Land of the Black-necked Crane
“Bhutan: Land of the Black-necked Crane” takes viewers on an exotic Journey to the small Buddhist kingdom high in the Himalayan mountains. See how a benevolent king promotes Gross Domestic Happiness for his citizens while fostering respect for the environment and natural resources.

2. Tuned In
From a young age, Steve McGreevy was fascinated by the natural world and by amateur radio. When he discovered that nature produced its own radio signals, he began a quest to capture these sounds – a quest that has taken him to the most remote parts of the continent.

3. Yelp: With Apologies to Allen Ginsberg’s Howl
Technology can be addictive. In a tribute to Allen Ginsberg’s classic 1956 poem, we created a short film lampooning the addictions of our generation.

4. Connecting the Gems
Follow two National Geographic Adventurers of the Year on a 520-mile trek through one of the Northern Rockies’ premiere wildlife corridors. The two hikers traverse the Yellowstone to Frank Church region, paying particular attention to large carnivores and the challenges they face as they journey between these two ecosystem ‘gems.’

5. The Majestic Plastic Bag
Follow a plastic bag from supermarket to its final migratory destination in the Pacific Ocean gyre. Jeremy Irons narrates this mock nature documentary.

6. The Craziest Idea
2011 was an historic year for rivers. The two dam removal projects that began as “crazy ideas” 30 years ago kicked off this year on the Elwha and White Salmon Rivers in Washington. These dam removal projects are the largest in history and represent a turning point in the effort to restore free flowing rivers.

7. A Liter of Light
The film documents a foundation’s project to light up a poor neighborhood through the efforts of a local man who works for them. He becomes a beacon of hope to his community when he installs hundreds of solar-powered light bulbs in his neighbor’s houses. The clever device is made from old plastic soda bottles.

8. Cold
For the past 26 years 16 expeditions have tried and failed to climb one of Pakistan’s 8,000 meter peaks in winter. On February 2, 2011 Simone Moro, Denis Urubko and Cory Richards became the first. Cory is now the only American to summit any 8,000 meter peak in winter. The journey nearly killed them.


Friday Films

1. Second Nature: The Biomimicry Evolution
Second Nature: The Biomimicry Evolution explores biomimicry, the science of emulating nature’s best ideas to solve human problems. Set in South Africa, the film follows Time magazine “Hero of the Environment” Janine Benyus as she illustrates how organisms in nature can teach us to be more sustainable engineers, chemists, architects, and business leaders.

2. Weed War
One man’s obsession to do his part for the environment using weed-eating goats to control noxious invaders in the Rocky Mountains. A profile on Mark Harbaugh, Patagonia fly fishing rep and goat rancher.

3. Eagle Among the Swarm
Thousands of Pacific Dunlin birds spend the winter in Boundary Bay, British Columbia. At the seasons peak, numbers can reach up to 20,000 birds at a time and the packs can be seen flocking in great numbers, while continuously evading hungry falcons.

4. The Wolf and the Medallion
Journeying to, and climbing in, an unexplored granite canyon on the border of China and Mongolia, Collins finds not only adventure with friends and the local nomads, but a moment of reflection. From that moment comes a letter home to his four year old son.

5. A Skier’s Journey: Friends of Shames
If your beloved ski hill ran out of money and had no choice but to close, what would you do? With time running out for majestic Shames Mountain in Northern BC, local skiers from Terrace, Prince Rupert, and Kitimat have decided to take matters into their own hands and buy the ski hill.

6. Chasing Water
Follow the Colorado River, source to sea, with photographer Pete McBride who takes an intimate look at the watershed as he attempts to follow the irrigation water that sustains his family’s Colorado ranch, down river to the sea. Traversing 1,500 miles and draining seven states, the Colorado River supports over 30 million people across the southwest.


All proceeds benefit the Wyoming Outdoor Council. Sponsored by Patagonia and Wild Iris.

The Wyoming Outdoor Council’s 45th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, June 23, 2012, Lander, Wyoming


Join us at our 45th anniversary celebration in Lander, Wyoming, honoring four-and-a-half decades of protecting Wyoming’s environment and quality of life for future generations.

Enjoy a weekend of family friendly fun, education, and entertainment! The celebration will kick off with the Wild & Scenic Film Festival on Thursday, June 21 and Friday, June 22, and culminate on Saturday evening, June 23, with dinner, a keynote address, and live music.

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