Spring Frontline 2012, the Wyoming Outdoor Council Newsletter

The Wyoming Outdoor Council is encouraged that Wyoming’s leaders seem ready to have the conversation about baseline water testing.

“We believe that when legislators, regulators, and decision makers have had a chance to consider the facts and to hear the arguments for and against required baseline water testing in Wyoming, they’ll conclude, as we have, that it makes sense,” said Steve Jones, the Council’s watershed protection program attorney. “It’s a matter of public health and public trust and it’s the best path forward.”

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One comment on “Spring Frontline 2012, the Wyoming Outdoor Council Newsletter
  1. ahmet says:

    Our guv isn’t going to like that one bit. Let me guess, he’ll join a multi-GOP led-state lawsuit chnraigg the federal gov’t doesn’t have any constitutional right to tell the states what they can or can’t do with their own natural resources.

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