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Possible EPA study might have answer

By Josh Mitchell

Excerpt from the Wyoming Tribune Eagle

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CHEYENNE — The Environmental Protection Agency may conduct a study in Laramie County on the potential dangers to groundwater of hydraulic fracturing.

“Fracking” involves the pressurized injection of water and chemicals into geologic formations to increase the volume of natural gas and/or oil that can be extracted.

“To help ensure that energy production does not come at the expense of public health, EPA scientists are undertaking a study of this practice to better understand any potential impacts it may have on drinking water resources,” an EPA statement says.

EPA has not made a final decision on whether the study will be conducted in Laramie County, which is poised to see significant oil development from the Niobrara shale formation.

Laramie County resident Barry Bruns said he thinks hydraulic fracturing is safe as long as it is done properly.

Bruns, who owns the surface rights on his property but not the mineral rights, said his property values would be devastated if his well became contaminated.

He added that it is “worthwhile” for EPA to conduct the study.

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