Calling all facebook users

By Jamie Wolf

YOU CAN HELP US ADVANCE our reputation and achieve our mission by increasing our presence in the social networking world of facebook.

As I write this, 346 people on facebook currently “like” the Wyoming Outdoor Council.

Considering that we have 1,400 members, and many of them are on facebook, we have an opportunity to grow that number and spread the word even wider about the environment and public lands in Wyoming.

You can help us grow that number to better re?ect our in?uence on environmental issues in Wyoming.

I have three simple requests of you:

  1. If you haven’t already, ?nd and “Like” us on facebook. To do this, click here or type in Wyoming Outdoor Council in your facebook search browser. Like us by clicking “like” with the thumbs-up icon. It’s easy and free! You can do it right now.
  2. Get the most current conservation news from around the state by visiting the Outdoor Council’s facebook page. Help bring our page to your friends by “liking” and “commenting” on the posts that appeal to you. This helps us engage with members and friends and it fosters feedback and discussion. Furthermore, these “Likes” and “Comments” help raise our pro?le on facebook.
  3. Check back regularly to see if there are any new posts you can “like” and “comment” on to keep our page alive and talkin’ in the facebook social world. (Each time you come back, you can also see how much our “likes” have grown.)

Facebook is a great networking tool that can be used to demonstrate, share, and ultimately multiply support for our work.

Let’s take advantage of this tool. It can help us achieve lasting protections for the places we all love.

Thanks for your help. Now go get on facebook!

West Edge