As the year draws to a close, I hope you’ll join me to reflect on some of the good work we accomplished together in 2022.

We were your source for up-to-date information on issues you cared about at the Wyoming Legislature.

We drafted a conservation vision for the Red Desert and worked to make Indigenous leaders and perspectives central to this work.

We co-hosted a statewide climate summit in Lander with more than 200 attendees and supported new federal rules aimed at reducing methane pollution.

We advanced the idea of a conservation leasing program for state lands in Wyoming.

We defended clean drinking water in the Snake River, Casper, and Madison aquifers.

We strategized about better ways to address new threats to big game migration corridors.

A week ago, an Outdoor Council member reached out to me after renewing her membership. She shared a decades-old, but still vivid, memory about her first time in the Red Desert, and closed the email by saying, “Thank you all for keeping up the vigilance and creativity to keep Wyoming whole.”

Every day we work to protect the Wyoming you love. Like you, we envision a state with clean air and water, open space, thriving wildlife, wildlands, healthy communities, informed and engaged citizens, and a high quality of life for all.

This vision matters. It’s the reason WOC was founded, and it’s the reason for our work today. Your support for this vision matters. It ensures that we have a fighting chance in our collective efforts to keep Wyoming whole.

May this holiday season find you healthy and rested, grateful for the gifts Wyoming’s outdoors offers each of us, and with a renewed commitment to give back to the lands that inspire and sustain us.



Executive Director