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January 13, 2017

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Chris Merrill, associate director, Wyoming Outdoor Council, 307.349.7288, chris@wyomingoutdoorcouncil.org

Wyoming Outdoor Council Launches New Website in Its 50th Year

Website makes it easy for citizens to track legislation and contact legislators

Lander, Wyo. — Wyoming’s cornerstone conservation organization, the Wyoming Outdoor Council, has launched a new website to kick off its 50th year and in advance of the state legislative session. The all-new site features easy-to-use tools to help citizens track legislation, contact legislators, and engage in the legislative process, among other things.

Founded in 1967, the Wyoming Outdoor Council is a nonprofit public interest group whose mission is to protect Wyoming’s environment and quality of life for future generations. The organization has operated continuously for 50 years. In recent years, the Outdoor Council has placed a renewed emphasis on fostering citizen engagement with the Legislature and with other government agencies.

“The values of conservation, environmental stewardship, and responsible access to public lands have always been nonpartisan issues in Wyoming, values that nearly all Wyoming people share,” said Chris Merrill, the Wyoming Outdoor Council’s associate director. “In recent years, however, we’ve watched as some legislators have gotten more and more out of step with the mainstream general public on these issues, especially when it comes to public lands and air and water quality. The key to fixing this will be citizen engagement—people showing up and speaking up every way they can, whether it be in person or via email or phone calls. Our new website will help people engage in whatever way works best for them.”

The 2017 Wyoming State Legislative session officially convened on January 10. The Wyoming Outdoor Council urges all Wyoming citizens to engage in the legislative process, regardless of political party affiliation or philosophy.

“We encourage people of all political stripes to use our website and take advantage of the easy-to-use tools to communicate with their legislators,” Merrill said. “With the click of a button you can email legislators and track legislation. The broader the cross-section of people participating, the better off we’ll all be.”

The new Wyoming Outdoor Council website can be found at wyomingoutdoorcouncil.org.




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