Farewell to our founder, Tom Bell

Tom Bell webOur visionary founder, Tom Bell, died Tuesday at the age of 92. All of us here at the Wyoming Outdoor Council mourn his loss deeply. Tom was a war hero, a father, a teacher, a writer, a conservation luminary, and a dear friend. Fifty years ago he set the tone for how conservation should be done in Wyoming: respectfully and collaboratively. Tom knew that change would happen only if people from all backgrounds worked together. To this day, we strive to honor that vision.

We will post more about Tom in the days to come. For now, we invite you to share your memories or thoughts below. What has Tom Bell’s life or legacy meant to you? What has it meant for Wyoming? We’ll share your tributes with Tom’s family.

Let us begin: Our beloved Wyoming would simply not be the same without Tom Bell. May he rest in peace.

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One comment on “Farewell to our founder, Tom Bell
  1. Ted Lapis says:

    Pushing regulatory agencies to do what they are required to do, shouldn’t be required. However, the lobby to defend business costs never sleeps, and the butcher’s thumb weighs more than most taxpayers. Clean air, water, and wild places to enjoy them is a great legacy. Thank you Tom!

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