Early sumer in Wyoming's Red Desert. Killpecker Dunes WSA, Wyoming
This photo of Boar’s Tusk from the Killpecker Sand Dunes, by Dave Showalter, is among the winners and will appear as a featured image in the our 2014 calendar.


Announcing the Winners!

Congratulations to the 11 different photographers who have had their images chosen for inclusion in the Wyoming Outdoor Council’s 2014 calendar.

The winners are listed below the slideshow. Seven of the winning photographers had multiple images chosen.

Thanks to everyone who submitted photographs this year!

We received a record number of entries from a record number of photographers again this year and, as always, the quality of the entries—from professional photographers and gifted amateur shooters alike—was stunning.

All Wyoming Outdoor Council members and winning photographers will be receiving the 2014 calendar in the mail in late November.

Congratulations to all!

Click any of the images below to see a larger-format slideshow. These are just some of the winning photographs!

Winning photographers whose images were chosen for large featured photos:

Rick Allen, cover image: Hiking in the Honeycomb Buttes

Scott Copeland Images (3), Continental Peak; Tipi Rings, Honeycomb Buttes; Northern Red Desert Mustangs

Ken Driese (2), Honeycomb Buttes; Robbers Gulch Badlands

Kathy Lichtendahl (2), Northern Red Desert Sky; Canyon Shadows, Northern Red Desert

Dave Showalter (3), Jack Morrow Hills Overlook; Boar’s Tusk and footprints from the Killpecker Sand Dunes; Adobe Town Rim

Michele Irwin, Cedar Canyon


Winning photographers whose images were chosen for smaller inset photos, inside cover, or back cover photos:

Scott Copeland Images (4), Bird tracks, Killpecker Sand Dunes; Pronghorn Sprinting; Ferruginous Hawk; Sage-grouse

Kyle Duba, with Lighthawk aerial support (2), Oregon Buttes flyover; Killpecker Sand Dunes from the air

Tim Hudson, Boy on John Mionczynski’s Motorcycle, Northern Red Desert

Michele Irwin, View from Oregon Buttes

Kathy Lichtendahl (3), Sunrise, Honeycomb Buttes; Swallow; Setting Sun, Northern Red Desert

Chris Merrill, White Mountain Petroglyph

Dave Showalter, Burrowing Owl

Jeff Vanuga, Boar’s Tusk

Gary Wilmot, Jack Morrow Hills Mountain Biker


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