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A quick email can help ensure better funding for wildlife in Wyoming

Simply put “Support  HB 136 and HB 137″ in the subject line

By Sophie Osborn

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department and Wyoming’s wildlife need your help this week.

Despite enacting significant cost-cutting measures and streamlining its operations over the last few years, the department faces significant budget shortfalls unless the Wyoming Legislature passes important legislation related to license fee increases.

Without these increases—which will help offset state budget cuts and increased costs—the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s ability to manage for healthy and sustainable wildlife populations in Wyoming will be compromised.

For more information, please visit the agency’s website here.

The Legislature needs to hear from us.


Why we need to better fund the Game and Fish Department

Aside from its vital contribution to the quality of life that we all enjoy in Wyoming, the state’s wildlife—and the recreational opportunities it provides—generates more than 1.1 billion to Wyoming’s economy and contributes significantly to the state’s 2.9 billion annual tourism industry.NGO letter in support of these bills

Wyoming’s sportsmen and conservation groups have joined forces to support these critical proposed license fee increases (click here or on the image to the right to see the letter). License fees currently provide 60 percent of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s funding.

In an effort to ensure that too much of the cost of wildlife management doesn’t fall on the state’s hunters and anglers, the Wyoming Outdoor Council will be working with the Game and Fish Department after the legislative session to develop alternative sources of funding for the future.


What you can do

Passage of the much-needed additional funding for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is at serious risk unless we voice our support for the following bills:

Two House bills—HB 136 and HB 137—amend Game and Fish license fees. They also provide for an annual adjustment to fees based on a consumer price index—a method used by many other states.

Legislative action will be taken on these bills on January 16th or 18th.

So please contact your legislator (contact information for all legislators can be found here) and members of the Travel, Recreation, Wildlife, and Cultural Resources Committee TODAY or TOMORROW, if you can.

When sending an email simply put “Support  HB 136 and HB 137″ in the subject line.

You might note: One of the most important obligations of our State Legislature is to make sure that the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has the resources necessary to manage our state’s wildlife.

Travel, Recreation, Wildlife, and Cultural Resources Committee Members:





Email Address


Bruce Burns   (Chair) R S21 Sheridan Bruce.Burns@wyoleg.gov (307) 672-6491
Paul Barnard R S15 Evanston Paul.Barnard@wyoleg.gov (307) 799-6480
Leland Christensen R S17 Alta Leland.Christensen@wyoleg.gov (307) 690-0903
Bernadine Craft D H17 Rock Springs Bernadine.Craft@wyoleg.gov (307) 382-1607
Ogden Driskill R S01 Devils Tower Ogden.Driskill@wyoleg.gov (307) 680-5555





Email Address


Kathy Davison  (Chair) R H20 Kemmerer Kathy.Davison@wyoleg.gov (307) 877-6483
David Blevins R H25  Powell Dave.Blevins@wyoleg.gov (307) 754-9541
Richard Cannady R H06 Glenrock Richard.Cannady@wyoleg.gov (307) 436-9794
John Freeman D H60 Green River John.Freeman@wyoleg.gov (307) 875-7378
Gerald Gay R H36 Casper gerald.gay@wyoleg.gov (307) 265-5187
Lynn Hutchings R H42 Cheyenne Lynn.Hutchings@wyoleg.gov (307) 316-0858
Allen Jaggi R H18 Lyman Allen.Jaggi@wyoleg.gov (307) 786-2817
Samuel Krone R H24 Cody Samuel.Krone@wyoleg.gov (307) 272-0082
Garry Piiparinen R H49 Evanston Garry.Piiparinen@wyoleg.gov (307) 677-5222


For more information, please contact Sophie Osborn at the Wyoming Outdoor Council: 307-742-6138 or sophie@wyomingoutdoorcouncil.org.



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