Ram Tough by Elaine Haberland
This photo of bighorn sheep rams, by Elaine Haberland, is among the winners and will appear as a featured image in the our 2013 calendar.


Twelve different photographers have had their images chosen for inclusion in the Wyoming Outdoor Council’s 2013 calendar.

Thanks to everyone who submitted photographs this year!

We received a record number of entries from a record number of photographers and, as always, the quality of the entries—from professional photographers and gifted amateur shooters alike—was stunning.

All Wyoming Outdoor Council members and winning photographers will be receiving the 2012 calendar in the mail in late November.

The winners are listed below. Four of the winning photographers had multiple images chosen.

Congratulations to all!

This photo of a cedar waxwing taking flight, by Terry J. Martin, is among the winners and will appear in the our 2013 calendar.

Winning photographers whose images were chosen for large featured photos:

Lee Bailey, Bumpus Butte at Yellowstone River

Robert Cochran, Harlequin Ducks

Scott Copeland Images (2), Barrow’s Goldeneye in Flight; River Otter

Ken Driese (2), Skull Creek Rim Adobe Town; Lower Falls Yellowstone River

Elaine Haberland, Bighorn Sheep Rams

Kathy Lichtendahl (4), American Avocets; McCullough Peaks Stone Barn; Long-billed Curlew; Geese

Hap Ridgway, Mule Deer, Elk Creek Ranch, Sunlight Valley

Ed Sherline, Gannett Peak Sunrise


Winning photographers whose images were chosen for smaller inset photos, and inside cover, and back cover photos:

Robert Cochran (4), Moose Cow and Calf; Wolf; Western Tanager; Bighorn Ram

Scott Copeland Images (4), Black Bear Cub; Grizzly Bears; White-tailed Prairie Dog; Coyote

Elaine Haberland, Northern Pygmy-Owl

Kathy Lichtendahl (2), Yellow-headed Blackbird; Sagebrush Checkerspot

Terry J. Martin, Cedar Waxwing launch

Chris Merrill, Adobe Town Hiker

Gary Wilmot, Jack Morrow Hills Mountain Biker


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