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by Ruffin Prevost on February 15, 2011

CODY — More than 3.6 million people visited Yellowstone National Park last year, but there’s no telling how many millions of pictures they took while there. Photographing Old Faithful, Lower Yellowstone Falls and wildlife from bison to bears is a daily rite of passage for tourists by the busloads.

But for some enthusiasts lucky enough to live at the doorstep of America’s first national park, Yellowstone is an endless reservoir of inspiring natural images that serves as both a focus and a point of departure for a community of diverse photographers.

There’s no doubt that photographers are drawn to Yellowstone Country, but “this area creates photographers — it created me as a photographer,” said Meg Sommers a nature photographer and president of the Cody Camera Club.

A coyote mother cares for her nine pups. (photo ©Meg Sommers — click to enlarge)

Sommers and other members of Open Range Images, a cooperative fine art photo gallery, helped organize a show last week of work by more than 30 local photographers. Though the eclectic display included everything from the birds of Costa Rica to Death Valley scenery, it was mainly filled with images of wildlife and natural landscapes from around Yellowstone Country.

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Photo: A coyote mother cares for her nine pups. (photo ©Meg Sommers — click to enlarge)








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