THE CASPER STAR-TRIBUNE, Wyoming’s statewide newspaper, ran a compelling profile of Wyoming Outdoor Council founder Tom Bell this week, as part of the paper’s They Served With Honor series.

Here’s an excerpt:

How ironic, he thought. Red, white and blue.

1st Lt.Tom Bell cocked his head to the side and stared out of a dome in his B-24 as a curtain of anti-aircraft fire exploded red and white in the bright blue sky over German-occupied Vienna.

While he was lost in momentary thought, an invisible force pushed his head back.

Then everything exploded.

Flak came through the window. Fiberglass pieces ripped into the bombardier’s eye. He dropped to his knees.

When Bell awoke, all he could think was to drop the bombs. Finish the mission.

He looked down as blood poured from his wounded eye.

Still focused on his duty, he put a bandage on his eye and stumbled down to his bombardier station.

The bombs were gone. The pilot had lowered the explosives.

Now all he could do was wait…

Read the full story here.

Watch Tom Bell tell the emotional story of his World War II service here.

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