SIXTY FORMER FEDERAL AND STATE OFFICIALS sent a letter to Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today, supporting his intention to reform onshore oil and gas leasing.

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Nobody understands the issues and challenges of oil and gas development better than those who have served at federal and state land management, wildlife and energy regulatory agencies.

These retirees have come together to advocate policies that would balance energy development needs with good stewardship of this nation’s land, air, water and wildlife.

The recent tragic Gulf explosion and oil spill disaster is an unfortunate example of what can happen when oil and gas development goes terribly wrong.

It’s a reminder of the importance of careful oversight of oil and gas leasing, both offshore and onshore, and the need to balance energy development with other important uses of our land and our water.

On Tuesday, Salazar announced a series of offshore oil and gas leasing reforms that will provide for better management, monitoring and enforcement of oil and gas operations in the nation’s coastal waters.

The signatories of this letter believe it is equally important that he finalize onshore leasing reform measures that were announced in January, ensuring similar levels of protection for landscapes and wildlife habitat.

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