WOC_FL_W09_CoverWYOMING’S NEXT ENERGY BOOM, in the form of industrial-scale wind farms, might already be here.

And the sheer volume of new applications for Wyoming wind projects has taken most observers by surprise. There have been about 100 applications for potential wind farms on federal land, alone, since 2002—and most of those have come in the past three years.

Although unlikely, if all of the applications were approved and developed, wind farms could cover an estimated 1 million acres of public land—and perhaps another 750,000 to 1 million acres of private land in Wyoming.

The Wyoming Outdoor Council has created a team of staff members whose goal it is to get out ahead of the next energy boom, and to offer meaningful leadership on the ground.

“We’ve worked hard to develop the expertise, and the means, to engage effectively with decision makers,” said Laurie Milford, executive director. “And we’re now in a position to help ensure that we make strides as a nation toward curbing climate change, without sacrificing Wyoming’s wildlife and most cherished landscapes.”

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