State Legislature

State Legislature

The 2022 Wyoming state legislative session gaveled in on Monday, February 14 and adjourned on March 11. 2022 was a budget session, which meant the Legislature had just 20 working days (compared to 40 in a general session) to pass the state’s two-year budget and consider other legislation. We found this year to be particularly hectic because of redistricting as the legislature redrew the boundaries of House and Senate districts to reflect the results of the 2020 census.

You can see the list below of the legislation that was considered at this year’s session.

We’ve also compiled our annual Conservation Vote Report, where you can see how your legislators voted on conservation issues and the context surrounding some of this year’s legislation.

Here’s a look at the past few years’ reports so you can compare legislative issues and your representative’s votes, year over year.

2022 State Legislative Priorities


HB 1/SF 1 (Budget) — *We support governor’s request for WWNRT

HB 8, Scratch tickets-outdoor recreation funding (Travel) — DIED (failed introduction)

HB 45, Mine reclamation bonding-voluntary assigned trusts (Minerals) — PASSED

HB 72, Hunting license application funds (Sommers) — PASSED

HB 137, State land exchanges-public notice (Western) — PASSED

SF 4, Fossils distinguished from minerals (Select Tribal) — DIED (failed introduction)

SF 6, Aquatic invasive species-inspection enforcement (Travel) — PASSED

SF 35, Electric vehicle charging stations-regulation exemption (Minerals)

SF 46, Solid waste cease and transfer program funding (Minerals) — PASSED

SF 48, 2022 large project funding (Select Nat Res Funding)


HB 115, Wild game-use of trimmings (Wharff) — DIED (not introduced)

HB 139, Protecting Wyoming’s land and water resources (Ottman) — DIED (failed introduction)

HB 140, Conservation easements amendments (Ottman)— DIED (not introduced)

HB 145, Hunting and fishing-donations to support public schools (Western) — DIED (not introduced)

SF 61, Sage grouse game bird farms-no certification expiration-2 (Perkins)

SF 64, Carbon capture and sequestration (Scott) — DIED (withdrawn by sponsor)

SF 71, Deregulated industrial power zones (Blockchain) — DIED (in Senate Minerals)

SF 84, Mineral royalties-proportional severance tax relief (Select Fed Nat Res) — DIED (tabled in committee)

SF 108, Social credit scores-use prohibited (Biteman) — DIED (not heard)


HB 9, Economic development programs-tribal inclusion (Select Tribal) — PASSED

HB 54, State parks-recreation management authority (Larsen) — DIED (14-15 3rd reading vote in the Senate)

HB 61, Carbon dioxide in public works-feasibility study (Stith) — DIED (not introduced)

HB 103, Prohibit travel across private land for hunting purposes (Crago) — DIED (not introduced)

HB 131/SF 105, Nuclear power generation and storage-amendments (Burkhart/Anderson)

HB 144, Active transportation and recreation grant program (Roscoe) — DIED (failed introduction)

SF 47, Carbon storage and sequestration-liability (Minerals)


HB 14, Fuel tax (Transport) — DIED (not introduced)

HB 23, Agricultural land qualifications-annual gross revenues (Revenue) — DIED (not introduced)

HB 35, County optional real estate tax (Revenue) — DIED (not introduced)

To find all 2022 legislation, visit the Wyoming Legislature’s website here.

And for past year’s bills: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

As in year’s past, whether in person or virtually, the Wyoming Outdoor Council will be here to make sure you have a voice for conservation at the Capitol. Since our founding, we’ve advocated and defended a range of conservation issues at the legislature that matter to Wyomingites, families, and communities, and that protect the Wyoming we love. Read our citizen’s guide below for more tips, tricks and resources for staying engaged during the session, the interim, or anytime in between.