Legislative work doesn’t stop when the session ends. That’s why our advocacy for Wyoming’s environment and quality of life continues throughout “the interim,” the period in the spring, summer, and fall between legislative sessions.

During the interim, legislators study topics and often draft legislation to be introduced during the next session. Without the intense time demands of session, the interim is the best time to engage directly with our legislators and the lawmaking process. The Wyoming Outdoor Council monitors and often participates in the many interim meetings that touch on public lands, wildlife, clean air, and clean water.

You, too, can get involved during the interim. Read below for more information about finding and attending interim meetings, raising concerns to a committee, and more. This is your government, and we encourage your participation!

The 2025 legislative session will begin in Cheyenne on January 14, 2025.

Interim meetings offer a chance for all of us to be involved at the ground level during the development of new legislation. The “joint” committees, composed of committee members from both the House and Senate, meet together to study topics and draft legislation. Because the topics for the joint committees are approved in advance, we have a good idea of what will be discussed, and the committees always provide time for public comment.

You can attend interim meetings in person or online. Whether you’d like to make a comment, raise a new issue or concern, or just listen in, we encourage your involvement. For tips on commenting in person or online, see below.

The Wyoming Legislature website contains essential information about interim meetings, including a list of Interim Study topics and a calendar of when and where these committees will meet. (Once you click the calendar link, you can click each meeting for more details; materials are usually posted 1–2 weeks in advance.) 

As bills are drafted and debated during interim meetings, we may reach out with action alerts — so be sure you are subscribed to our emails.

Make sure you’re registered to vote. Wyoming law requires County Clerks purge their voter rolls every two years. If you did not vote in the 2022 election, you have been purged from the roles and need to re-register. 

Many Wyoming races will be decided in the primary on August 20. If you are already registered to vote, you have until May 15 to change your party affiliation for the primary election. You can find key election-related dates here and information on how to register or re-register here.

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It makes an enormous difference when legislators hear from you — their constituents and neighbors. Fortunately, the legislative session and interim offers ample opportunities to speak up for what matters to you. When you sign up for our emails, you’ll receive action alerts, weekly updates, and tips and tricks for contacting your legislators. You can also get involved by checking out our upcoming events, guides, and more below.

Read the Legislative Lowdown

Stay up-to-date on conservation-related legislation! Each week of the legislative session, our team brings you the latest news, action alerts, and commentary from the halls of the Capitol building.


A close eye on conservation bills. We’ll work to ensure development of state lands doesn’t come at a cost to Wyoming’s wildlife, clean air and clean water, and wide-open spaces. We’ll support responsible siting of renewable energy projects, advocate ample funding for the agencies stewarding our natural resources, and oppose the bad ideas that regularly creep into legislation, such as state takeover of federal lands.

A full-time presence at the Capitol. During the session, we’ll track the action where it’s happening: in the halls of the Capitol in Cheyenne. Seasoned legislative adlvocate Era Aranow will head up the team and other WOC conservation advocates will weigh in with their expertise.

Weekly updates and action alerts. We’ll keep you in the loop with weekly email updates from Cheyenne throughout the session. It makes a difference when citizens speak up — which is why we’ll keep you informed when opportunities arise to share your perspectives with your legislators or provide public testimony.

Educational & fun programming. From virtual previews of the legislative session, to our annual Beers & Bills events to discuss key happenings at the Capitol, we’ll provide opportunities to get involved and stay informed before, during, and after the session. See the “Get Involved” section above for the most up-to-date events.

Post-session reports. We’ll publish our Conservation Vote Report after the session with analysis of the conservation issues that were debated, and a record of how your lawmakers voted on key conservation bills. See below for past reports.


Below are the bills we monitored, supported, or opposed during the 2024 Wyoming Legislature. You can sort the list below by clicking on the column you’d like to sort by (i.e., name, position, or last action).


After each session, we publish our Conservation Vote Report, where you can see how your legislators voted on conservation issues and find analysis of the year’s most significant bills.

Here’s a look at the past few years’ reports so you can compare legislative issues and your representative’s votes, year over year.