Protecting Public Health and Environmental Quality

We seek to protect public health and the quality of our air and water, particularly in response to major industrial developments occurring and proposed in Wyoming. Inadequately regulated fossil fuel production threatens our health and the environment. The greenhouse gas emissions within our state, especially those from power plants, contribute to the documented and unprecedented changes to our global climate. In Wyoming, this warming trend will affect water supplies, habitat integrity, and ecosystem resilience, among other services and values.

Air Quality


Clean air is essential to human health; it’s also essential to clear skies, which contribute to a high quality of life for all. We work to ensure favorable air quality conditions persist and we also work to improve air quality in areas in the state where it has been degraded.

Water Quality

6-June-JCampbell5_OxbowBend-webClean and sustainable supplies of surface and groundwater are essential for the health of Wyoming’s people, our fish and wildlife populations, and our state’s economy. Access to clean drinking water in sufficient quantities is a basic human right, now and for future generations. We work to protect our state’s waters.

Climate Change

CoalChimneysBecause of the ecological costs and public health risks associated with climate change, the Wyoming Outdoor Council is committed to advancing strategies for a cleaner energy future. Our goals are to reduce overall emissions of greenhouse gases, mitigate impacts, and support land-use decisions that foster ecosystem resilience in the face of climate change.

Current Issues and Activities

Share your conservation priorities for the upcoming year

Given the results of the recent local and national elections, we need to hear from you this holiday season as we set our course for 2017. Here’s how you can take action today: (1) Respond to our quick, three-question survey

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Through the (Infrared) Lens of An Energy Company That Does It Right – Part 2

This is part two in a two-part series by Amber Reimondo, Outdoor Council Environmental Quality Advocate, on fugitive methane emissions during oil and gas production and how we can fix the problem. Click here for part one. I’m on a tour

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Through the (Infrared) Lens of An Energy Company that Does it Right – Part 1

We need to agree on a suite of effective, common sense regulations that will offer the same strong air quality protections and keep natural gas in the pipe for every area of Wyoming, no matter the zip code.

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Finding Solutions for Brooks Lake

“I believe that if we continue to come together in good faith—the lodge, the Forest Service, the DEQ, all of us looking to protect the fisheries and water quality in Wyoming—the lodge will be able to come up with an

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