Protecting Wyoming Lands

Half of Wyoming’s lands are federally managed as national parks, monuments, forests, recreation areas, wildlife refuges, or public land. These include some of the most iconic places in the nation and they help support healthy ecosystems and wildlife populations. The opportunity to access these landscapes and open spaces contributes to an unparalleled quality of life. Visited by millions of people each year, these lands add significantly to our state’s economy—providing steady jobs that contribute to thriving communities.

Lands Subject to Development

Many of our public lands in Wyoming are leased or already developed for industrial uses such as oil and gas drilling, hard rock and coal mining, and wind generation. Where these uses are not inappropriate in a particular landscape, and in response to existing or proposed development, the Wyoming Outdoor Council will advocate “doing it right.”

Public Lands in Public Hands

As we look ahead, we’re mindful of working against the backdrop of Wyoming’s changing economy. Our state relies heavily on oil, gas, and coal revenues to fund local government. But the boom-bust nature of resource extraction can create uncertainty and instability. Meanwhile, instead of taking the long view, some lawmakers push short-term agendas—seeking to sell off Wyoming’s treasured public lands as energy revenues wane while attacking environmental regulations that are in everyone’s best interest.

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