Protecting Clean Air in Wyoming

Clean air is essential to human health and a high quality of life for all. We work to ensure favorable air quality conditions persist and we also work to improve air quality in areas in the state where it has been degraded.

We seek to protect public health and the quality of our air, particularly in response to major industrial developments. Inadequately regulated fossil fuel production threatens our health and the environment. The greenhouse gas emissions within our state, especially those from power plants, contribute to the documented and unprecedented changes to our global climate. In Wyoming, this warming trend will affect water supplies, habitat integrity, and ecosystem resilience, among other services and values.

Because of the ecological costs and public health risks associated with climate change, the Wyoming Outdoor Council is committed to advancing strategies for a cleaner energy future. Our goals are to reduce overall emissions of greenhouse gases, mitigate impacts, and support land-use decisions that foster ecosystem resilience in the face of climate change.

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