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There are currently no open positions at this time. We encourage you to check back periodically for more information and available opportunities. And please read on below for information about our Citizen Lobbyist Internship program that takes place during the Wyoming state legislative session every year. We appreciate your interest!


The Wyoming Outdoor Council’s power comes from informed and engaged citizens. This is especially true during the state legislative session — when key policy decisions about our public lands, wildlife, and environmental quality are made every year.

As part of our effort to increase civic engagement in Wyoming, we are excited to offer an annual Citizen Lobbyist Internship Program during the legislative sessions in Cheyenne. Our first program ran in 2018 with three different week-long internships held by a dedicated group of interns who ranged in age, interests, and experience. It was so successful that we want to continue to offer this to the Wyoming community.

We believe a deeper familiarization with our state’s “citizen legislature” will empower members to be better advocates — and to engage others in their own communities.

Each internship includes a dynamic and in-depth curriculum that covers:
The basics of how a bill becomes law and orientation to the Capitol
Hands-on training in lobbying and communicating with legislators
Researching actual legislation filed — including possible meetings with government agency staff and creating fact sheets
Attending committee hearings and monitoring floor debates
Participating in strategy meetings with other lobbyists and interest groups
Opportunities to testify before committees and/or lobby legislators directly about upcoming bills

Outdoor Council lobbyists will provide the majority of this training, often through on-the-go learning related to the Outdoor Council’s own work. Each internship will vary based on the pace and schedule of the upcoming legislative session that year. Interns will be needed in Cheyenne for the duration of the week, starting with an orientation meeting that Sunday evening and finishing by Friday afternoon. The Outdoor Council may be able to provide lodging or provide a stipend to cover lodging, if necessary.

The 2019 Wyoming State Legislature will meet for eight weeks starting on January 8, and the Outdoor Council will offer these internships between January 13 until March 8. Each week will have its own unique agenda and pace, based on the legislative schedule, bill deadlines, and committee meetings that week. If you are interested in finding out more about the application process or the internships, contact our Program Director, Steff Kessler. We’d love to hear of your interest, and we’ll continue to post more information and materials as the year progresses.