About The Wyoming Outdoor Council

Mission Statement

The mission of the Wyoming Outdoor Council is to protect Wyoming’s environment and quality of life for future generations.

Who We Are

The Wyoming Outdoor Council is a nonprofit, member-supported, 501(c)3, conservation organization. Established in 1967, the Wyoming Outdoor Council is the state’s oldest independent statewide conservation organization.

Context of Our Work

Wyoming is the second-largest producer of energy in the United States. If Wyoming were a country, it would rank 10th in the world in energy production. Wyoming leads the nation in coal and uranium production. It is third among states in natural gas production, and is the eighth-largest producer of crude oil. It also has the potential for large-scale production of wind and solar energy. Wyoming’s energy production, use, and exportation makes the state the largest per capita contributor of greenhouse gases in the nation. The primary goals of Wyoming’s energy policies and practices have long been the maintenance and expansion of production.

While we understand that energy development is important and necessary, we believe that the long-term health of our landscapes and environment is a higher priority. We contend that the rapidly growing footprint of energy production in Wyoming threatens our environment and quality of life. Without better stewardship, the short-term economic benefits of the current boom will be overshadowed by the loss of our irreplaceable open spaces, clean air and water, and world-renowned wildlife. The Wyoming Outdoor Council works to ensure that energy development is more carefully planned and regulated, and that our natural resources and environment are protected for current and future generations.

Beliefs and Values

  • We treasure Wyoming’s landscapes and wildlife, rely on its clean air and water, and appreciate its diverse cultural history.
  • We understand that a healthy environment is crucial to public health and quality of life.
  • We are committed to protecting public lands in Wyoming.
  • We believe in democracy, transparency, collaborative processes, and nonpartisan solutions. All citizens have a right to participate in this work.
  • We believe in applying the precautionary principle whenever an action, activity, or policy could harm the public or environment. Even if there is scientific uncertainty about whether and to what degree an activity might be harmful, the activity should be prevented or regulated with a margin of safety.
  • We are dedicated to conserving energy and reducing our carbon footprint. We share and advocate these important goals with the public, industry, and government decision makers.

Strategic Plan

Click here or on the image to the right for a PDF of our current strategic plan.

The Wyoming Outdoor Council’s plan began more than 40 years ago with the founding of the Council itself. Since that day in Tom Bell’s kitchen, our work has been guided by one goal: to ensure the Wyoming we love is the Wyoming we leave to future generations.

The current strategic plan plan delivers that vision through 2018 and is informed by input from hundreds of people. To prepare this plan we gathered observations from attendees and speakers; conducted an online membership survey; and interviewed dozens of stakeholders, including lawmakers, conservationists, agency personnel, industry reps, funders, past board members, and our own staff.

These conversations showed us that across the board, people agree on the necessity of the our mission. The opportunity we have before us now is to help shape policies and decisions that ensure that Wyoming is a state with clean air and water, open space, thriving wildlife, wildlands, healthy communities, informed citizens, and a sustainable economy and quality of life.

To tell us what you think of our five-year plan, please write to us at info@wyomingoutdoorcouncil.org.

Download a PDF of our current strategic plan here.