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Wyomings Endemic Species

Thousands of people visit Wyoming each year to observe, photograph, or hunt its magnificent wildlife. Yet the elk, bears, wolves, and pronghorns that delight Wyomingites and draw so many visitors are only a small component of Wyoming’s rich wildlife heritage. Much of Wyoming’s wildlife is less sought after than the mega-herbivores and carnivores that grace postcards and tourism advertisements, yet the more cryptic, smaller species nonetheless are what make Wyoming unique and help maintain the health of Wyoming’s vast sagebrush seas, its windswept grasslands, and its alpine retreats.

The endemic species component of the Outdoor Council’s wildlife program seeks to highlight Wyoming’s unique flora and fauna, by providing information about some of the state’s lesser-known endemic species–those species whose ranges occur largely in Wyoming. By disseminating information about these distinctive organisms, the critical roles that many of them play in their respective ecosystems, and the threats that they face, we work to foster a desire in residents that share the land with them to conserve these species and we hope to pique the curiosity of visitors to Wyoming who seek the road less traveled and the state’s more subtle treasures.

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